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Let's start a band, said Larry to Rebecca in June 2000. OK and shall we call it the paperbax, she replied. Or was it the other way round.

Since then, various other individuals have been in and out, drawn by mutual disgust for the so-called music business (yuk) - an oxymoron as it were.

The rest is history. Songs have been conceived, rehearsed, and then discarded as "too prog rock". Venues have been besieged, attacked, abused, and abandoned.

Disclaimer. Want to join the paperbax? Sorry - we're full. We are a punk rock band, not an orchestra.

The Band

Vessie Paperback

Vessie Paperback (Joined early 2004)

Plays the drums and says 'No' at random.

Hates guitar solos and loves Monty (see below).

Believes that a good gig never lasts longer than 20 minutes.

Monty Paperback

Monty Paperback (Joined autumn 2003)

Plays the guitar and the keyboards (incl. QWERTY).

Speaks C# and other languages.

Not allowed to do solos under any circumstances.

Larry Paperback

Larry Paperback (Co-founded the band in y2k)

Plays the guitar terribly and sings terribly.

Can write with his left hand, right to left.

Stays up late and smokes too much.

Rebecca Paperback

Rebecca Paperback (Co-founded the band in y2k)

Plays the bass and sings (usually about wanting to fly).

Supports Man U and climbs mountains.

Loves cats and hates cab drivers.

Friends & Family

We've always had people on and off: seeking refuge from boredom, depression, fatigue, homicidal ideas, or just listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain too long.


Zomba - drums (2000-2000, then 2002-2003)

First to join. Had to leave for health reasons.

Rejoined in 2002 - only to flee the country a few months later.


Yavor - guitar (2000-2003)

Created the anthem, "Paperback Culture" - currently off the band playlist due to copyright infringement liability.


Berko - guitar (2003-2004)

Had been in other bands with Larry. Joined in 2003 as a substitute for Yavor. Didn't work. Still respected, though, as guitar guru and party animal.


Stefko - drums (2000-2003)

Never officially a band member. Devoted to his original band, The Scroletics, but decided to lend a hand as a good friend.


Maxim - visuals (since 2005)

Not a bandmate - too fond of Bob Dylan. Does the designer work. Summoned on stage now and then for a cover version of a rock classic (such as VU's "Waiting for My Man").


Valio - nothing (since forever)

Just sits around, drinks a lot, smokes a lot, and eats a lot. Stays up late and supports Liverpool - no wonder he is Larry's best mate.

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